How To Get Rid Of Tooth Ache

Many people would want to know How to get Rid of Tooth Ache as they might be suffering from this issue every now and then. Toothache is a common issue experienced by many across the world as it causes unwanted infection in certain areas of the mouth such as gums, teeth and other parts. When you experience swelling or pain in the mouth region, it is essential for you to check for symptoms like usual bleeding, headaches or fever as it might be an indication of a toothache. You can cure it easily and faster using home remedies that are available at your homes.

How to get rid of a toothache using home remedies?

Paste of garlic:

Garlic is a very cheap remedy to cure toothache. Peel two garlic cloves and then mash it well. Now place it on the tooth that is paining and chew it well. Allow it to stay on the teeth for several minutes.  This will offer good relief to the pain in the mouth faster.

How to get Rid of Tooth AcheFreshly sliced onions:

Onions are rich in antibiotics and are a much used spice like garlic. This is a well known painkiller and helps to relieve toothache. Cut the onion in to few slices and chew it well using the teeth that are paining as the juices of the onion would reach the infected area and would eliminate the toothache.

Juice of a lemon:

When lemon juice that is rich in vitamin C is used, it offers good relief to the acute pain of the teeth. Juice of a lemon is rich in antioxidants and helps in this teeth condition greatly. To prepare this remedy made with lemon, you have to squeeze a fresh lime and then apply it over the infected teeth with a finger. Then leave it for 15 minutes. This will be the answer to the query, How to get Rid of Tooth Ache as it will make the pain to go away much faster.

Applying clove oil:

Clove is an effective remedy for various teeth issues as it is used as a medicine for teeth right from the ancient times. You can get clove oil from any grocery store or drug store. You can apply it in the teeth to get good relief from the toothache. Take a ball of cotton, dip it in clove oil, and apply over the infected teeth. This will offer good effect and will cure the toothache.

Salt water gargle:

When you are thinking how to get rid of a toothache as you experience acute pain at the wee hours of the night then gargling using warm salt water is highly helpful. Take a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of salt to it, and dissolve well. Now gargle using this salt solution for four to five times a day. This will offer good relief to the inflammation and the pain associated with it. Repeat this everyday until you are fully relieved of the pain and swelling of the gums and other areas.

Application of ice cubes:

When the pain is unbearable, instead of wondering how to get rid of a toothache you can use ice cubes as a pain reliever. Put few cubes of ice in a plastic bag or in a towel and apply it gently over the area where you are experiencing pain. This remedy works faster than any other remedy you try internally.

Mixture of pepper powder and salt:

Mix a bit of salt and pepper power to cure various issues related to sore gums, bleeding gums, bad breath and toothache. You can mix a teaspoon of pepper powder along with few pinches of salt and mix well adding a bit of water. Now place this mixture on the teeth and allow it to remain for several minutes.

Goodness of mint:

Leaves of the mint plant or peppermint oil can become an effective remedy for your toothache. Take some raw mint leaves and chew it using the teeth that have the pain. This will help the juice of the mint leaves to reach the infected area. You can also apply peppermint oil on the paining teeth to get answer for the lingering question how to get rid of a toothache.